How to Get Better Sound Then Bluetooth Speakers Offer by Using a Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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You may have noticed that Bluetooth speakers seem to be flooding the market lately. There are hundreds of different models from different manufacturers available. Obviously, this seems to be huge demand for those. Otherwise, vendors wouldn’t start designing and offering these products in such numbers. However, the reality is that the sound quality that the speakers offer is quite disappointing. In fact, many people understand that Bluetooth speakers are not really designed for offering the same sound quality as other types of home speakers. They are primarily used for their portability.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality if you want to stream music from a cell phone. I will show you an easy alternative for connecting speakers without plugging in an audio cord. Granted, Bluetooth speakers are convenient. However, by using a Bluetooth audio receiver from you can surpass the limitations of that Bluetooth speakers have.

stereo wireless speakers

Obviously, …

How Do Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Work?

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Prices of Bluetooth speakers have come down tremendously over the last few years. I just recently checked Amazon for in shower speakers and I could find several models for less than $10. This is just astonishing. Are manufacturers able to manufacture these types of Bluetooth speakers so cheaply these days or is competition driving down prices?

Amphony wireless speakers

To find out, I have opened one of the wireless speakers to see what components are being used and how they are designed. The interior of the speaker contains one circuit board and the battery. Also, there’s a small speaker mounted to the front of the enclosure. The speaker itself is connected to the circuit board via two short cables. Also, there some touch buttons in front of the speaker to allow picking up the phone call and changing the volume. On the circuit board itself is another smaller circuit board which contains the Bluetooth components. Usually, manufacturers do not designed the Bluetooth circuitry themselves …

When to Use Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

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Wireless Bluetooth speakers have become quite popular lately. There lightweight and thus portable and can stream music directly from any cell phone. Also, the price of Bluetooth speakers has come down tremendously. If you use, you had to spend at least $100 for a speaker while nowadays you can get them for less than $20. However, these speakers are not for everybody. They do have certain drawbacks which you should be aware of. I am going to review Bluetooth speakers in general and advice what applications they work in and what drawbacks they have. Hopefully, this will help you and your buying decision.

If you are very picky about audio quality then I would not necessarily recommend you purchase some Bluetooth speakers. The majority of the speakers are designed to be extremely small and portable. That means that the low frequency response is usually fairly poor. That means that you virtually will not have any bass in the audio. Also, the …

Some Tips for Connecting an Audio Amplifier

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You may have noticed that many products nowadays are manufactured overseas. Most electronic products such as audio amplifiers are made in China or Korea. Unfortunately, oftentimes the user manual which comes with the product reads like it was written by a Korean. Therefore, it usually is quite difficult to make sense of what is actually being said. However, audio amplifiers are fairly similar to one another and thus installing them is not too difficult. In this post I will give you some short instructions on how to get going installing your audio amplifier.

I’m going to focus on audio amplifiers which have outputs for connecting two speakers. However, if you’re working with other amplifiers that have multiple outputs such as home theater receivers with amplifiers then you can still follow these instructions. The first step in installing an audio amplifier is to make sure that the mains voltage is set properly. Some units have a switch which is designed to …